Axiom Films

Axiom Films has been completely remade over with a php and mysql database theme. All of the Videos and Photos are driven via a database and then categorized to suit whatever Category i would like. There is also a full on fan base, and team riders system that first allows you to register for the site, then upload a picture and some personal information about yourself.

Registering not only allows you to be shown on the site but it also allows you to be able to  post comments on Videos. Photo comments is possible however i found it to not be neccessary as the traffic for the site is so relatively low.

The biggest part of the webpage that the common user can not see is the administration panel. Which when a authenticated user logs in who has admin rights can modify other user’s account information, add, delete, and modify video information and even broadcast an html email to every user on the site.

This website was mostly a learning experience for me and has allowed me to enter the world of web 2.0 and build dynamic webpages!


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