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One of our first assignments in IST 110 was to create a podcast and upload it to the Penn State ItunesU folder. The itunesU is a way that Penn State can easily distribute podcasts that automatically come to your computer and update you when a new one is avaible. This activity was helpful because it showed us why podcasts are so important and why they are so popular in the world today. The idea behind a podcast illustrates the theme of web 2.0 with RSS feeds automatically updating you with the information you need as quickly as possible. This assignment also showed us how easy it is to create these and in the future I will be able to upload a new podcast very quickly and effectively.


PSU Social Networking

In our IST 110 class we were given a proposal from PSU to develop a Social networking suite to connect Penn State as a whole. For our project we decided to make a facebook similar program in which there would be multiple networks and ways to easily allow students to find other people in there class and would allow publication of previous projects and resources for new students to see what they expected to do in a class. See the presentation power point here.

Note: We did implement the site, All we did is develop the basis behind the project to get approved by Penn State before we proceeded with further action.