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Speed Country – From Theory To Reality

With my cousin Paul Silvis, coming to me with a brilliant idea of bringing together all of our loves of speed Cars, Trucks, SUVS, Dirt Bikes, 4-Wheelers, Street Bikes, Snowmobiles, and Jet skis into one social networking system I instantly saw that this was an opportunity of a lifetime and hoped right aboard the project.

With my expertise being SQL Database Management, I designed a database which will allow for maximum growth, incorporating over twenty tables and linking them via Primary and Foreign Keys. Through this stable database I designed it to allows for easy growth, and expansion without the most important thing of keeping it non-repetitive, which most databases are repetitive resulting in massively large, unnecessary rows, tables, and extremely slow queries.

With the database underway and Paul writing the PHP code to allow for these Vehicles, and Users, and Comments we quickly realized we needed a beautiful layout to incorporate all of our useful features and present them in a way that they are both easy to find and easy to use. Enter me once again. After browsing Car Domain, Facebook, MySpace, DailyMotion, Youtube, you name the social networking site I browsed it to find suggestions. I merged tools from each Social Network, and came up with my own layout and design to both make it easy and fun to be on Speed Country!

With the main focus being a community I geared the site towards very few static images, and static well… anything. Enter Articles, Showrooms, Video Galleries, Profiles, and the endless Cars you can upload.

Only problem is that my cousin loves 3 hours away from me. How are we possibly supposed to work from a distance  and delegate who is working on what, what progress we have made, and where we want our project to head? Enter Google Docs.

We used Google Tools to allow us to create one huge word document that we could all simotaniously edit and modify. We broke our Google Doc up into sections and use the Color Coding system as shown above so that we would know who was doing and working on what.


Axiom Films

Axiom Films has been completely remade over with a php and mysql database theme. All of the Videos and Photos are driven via a database and then categorized to suit whatever Category i would like. There is also a full on fan base, and team riders system that first allows you to register for the site, then upload a picture and some personal information about yourself.

Registering not only allows you to be shown on the site but it also allows you to be able to  post comments on Videos. Photo comments is possible however i found it to not be neccessary as the traffic for the site is so relatively low.

The biggest part of the webpage that the common user can not see is the administration panel. Which when a authenticated user logs in who has admin rights can modify other user’s account information, add, delete, and modify video information and even broadcast an html email to every user on the site.

This website was mostly a learning experience for me and has allowed me to enter the world of web 2.0 and build dynamic webpages!

PSU Social Networking

In our IST 110 class we were given a proposal from PSU to develop a Social networking suite to connect Penn State as a whole. For our project we decided to make a facebook similar program in which there would be multiple networks and ways to easily allow students to find other people in there class and would allow publication of previous projects and resources for new students to see what they expected to do in a class. See the presentation power point here.

Note: We did implement the site, All we did is develop the basis behind the project to get approved by Penn State before we proceeded with further action.

Campus View Place

Campus View Place is XHTML and CSS Valid with search engine optimization techniques to get it to the top 10 of google results.It also incorporates all sorts of other design aspects including java, php and flash. The java and flash help to create a cleaner sleeker design to the page, while bringing efficency to loading. The php is used primarly for just the leasing form.

One last feature while small, is extremely helpful. The site also uses Google Maps to create an easy way to navigate around the area and get directions to the main office.

Link to Campus View Place

Area 251

Area 251mx is a site I developed for my friend who races Motocross on a weekly basis. He then took his career one step further by creating his own track. As you can see by looking at the code, I used HTML and CSS to develop a clean looking organized site. Unfortunately the track no longer exists but hey the website is still there.

Link to the Area 251

Viking Construction

Viking Construction is a large multi-million dollar company based in Gainesville Florida. They create condos for the students of UF to purchase. Recently with the slow economy they have opened up to now renting their condos.

For this page I used xhtml along with css and php to create a valid xhtml web page and valid css. This page incorporates a clean cut design that allows users to easily navigate. The project portfolio has flash to first select which project you want. Than once you do that I used a program called lightbox to create a clean photo gallery that is extremely easy to use and works in all browsers. I also used search engine optimization tips to get Viking Construction in the top 10 google search results.

Link to Viking Construction

Axiom Films – Flash

Axiom Films was developed from a free template downloaded offline. It was primarily flash based and has a photo gallery that was created through photoshop. It also has a video gallery that was downloaded for free as well. Axiom Films is not updated regularly but has new content being created every once in a while when a new video is created.

Link to Axiom Films