Area 251

Area 251mx is a site I developed for my friend who races Motocross on a weekly basis. He then took his career one step further by creating his own track. As you can see by looking at the code, I used HTML and CSS to develop a clean looking organized site. Unfortunately the track no longer exists but hey the website is still there.

Link to the Area 251


Viking Construction

Viking Construction is a large multi-million dollar company based in Gainesville Florida. They create condos for the students of UF to purchase. Recently with the slow economy they have opened up to now renting their condos.

For this page I used xhtml along with css and php to create a valid xhtml web page and valid css. This page incorporates a clean cut design that allows users to easily navigate. The project portfolio has flash to first select which project you want. Than once you do that I used a program called lightbox to create a clean photo gallery that is extremely easy to use and works in all browsers. I also used search engine optimization tips to get Viking Construction in the top 10 google search results.

Link to Viking Construction

Axiom Films – Flash

Axiom Films was developed from a free template downloaded offline. It was primarily flash based and has a photo gallery that was created through photoshop. It also has a video gallery that was downloaded for free as well. Axiom Films is not updated regularly but has new content being created every once in a while when a new video is created.

Link to Axiom Films